キングレコード(KIIC 944) ¥2,800(税込)


月光と与作/Beethoven Moonlight and Yosaku

  • 01. Galaxy (Orchestra ver.)

    Yuko Toyoda
    作曲:豊田裕子 編曲:野見佑二

  • 02. 森の妖精

    Fairy of the Forest
    Yuko Toyoda
    作曲:豊田裕子 ピアノ編曲:豊田裕子

  • 03. 月光と与作 with 大倉正之助(大鼓) 〜ピアノソナタ「月光」×与作〜

    Moonlight and Yosaku - The Moonlight Sonata x Yosaku -
    Ref) Ludwig Van Beethoven/Piano Sonata No.14 in C-sharp Minor, Op.27 No.2 - "Moonlight"
    piano arranged by Yuko Toyoda
    作曲:ベートーベン/七澤公典 ピアノ編曲:豊田裕子、蓮沼万里 編曲:濱田貴司

  • 04. Crystalier with パヴェル・エレット(ヴァイオリン)

    Yuko Toyoda

  • 05. ボンジュール・マドモアゼル 〜パリのアメリカ人×お菓子と娘〜

    Bonjour Mademoiselle - An American in Paris x A Girl and Her Sweets -
    Gershwin, piano arranged by Hiroshi Aoshima

  • 06. 荒城の月とハンガリー舞曲 with TAO(和太鼓) 〜荒城の月×ハンガリー舞曲

    Moon Over the Ruined Castle and Hungarian Dances
    - Kojo no Tsuki (Moon Over the Ruined Castle) x Hungarian Dances -
    Ref) Hungarian Dance No. 5
    piano arranged by Yuko Toyoda
    作曲:滝廉太郎/ブラームス ピアノ編曲:豊田裕子 編曲:TAO、奈良部匠平

  • 07. 浜辺のノクターン 〜浜辺の歌×ノクターン〜

    Nocturne of the Seashore - Hamabe no Uta (Song of the Seashore) x Nocturne -
    Ref) Chopin /Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 piano arranged by Hiroshi Aoshima
    作曲:ショパン/成田為三 編曲:青島広志

  • 08. 火祭り伝説 with ホセ・マヌエル・ラモス(タップダンス) 〜火祭りの踊り×アストゥリアス×ソーラン節〜

    The Ritual Fire Legend
    - Falla /Ritual Fire Dance (from The Magic Love) x Asturias x Soranbushi -
    Ref) Danza ritual del fuego (El amor brujo)
    Chants d’Espagne Op. 232, No.1 "Prelude" piano arranged by Yuji Nomi

  • 09. 人形の子守唄 〜人形の夢と目覚め×花嫁人形〜

    Dolly's Lullaby
    - Dolly's Dreaming and Awakening x Hanayome Ningyo (Bride Doll) - piano arranged by Hiroshi Aoshima
    作曲:オースティン/杉山長谷夫 編曲:青島広志

  • 10. 組曲おもちゃのカーニバル with 青島広志 〜おもちゃのシンフォニー×おもちゃのチャチャチャ×冬景色〜

    Toy Carnival Suite
    - Toy Symphony x Omocha no cha-cha-cha (The Toys Cha Cha) x Fuyugeshiki (Winter Scenery) -
    piano arranged by Hiroshi Aoshima
    作曲:L・モーツァルト/越部信義 文部省唱歌 編曲:青島広志

  • 11. Galaxy(Piano solo ver.)

    Yuko Toyoda
    作曲:豊田裕子 編曲:豊田裕子

  • 12. Forest of the Piano(Advanced ver.) 〜映画「ピアノの森」テーマ曲〜

    - Theme song of the film "Forest of the Piano" - composed by Keisuke Shinohara
    作曲:篠原敬介 編曲:篠原敬介





Welcome to the world of fusion of western classical masterpieces and Japanese masterpieces!

When you are happy, your happiness will multiply, and when you are sad, you will become full of energy and and courage…

I hope all of you will listen to this album full of smiles...!



青島広志、 TAO(和太鼓)、 大倉正之助(大鼓)、




(青島広志 解説文より抜粋)

"A Kaleidoscope of Music"

The fusion of "wa (Japanese)" and "yo (western)" is the underlying theme of Yuko Toyoda's new CD features "Hybrid Classics" that are a coupling of the original classical music with elements such as string ensembles, Japanese and other drums, flamenco guitar, and tap dancing. The highlight of this CD is the "Moonlight Sonata and Yosaku," a union that transcends time and space, in which Yuko Toyoda's solo performance of Beethoven's piano sonata "Moonlight Sonata" bonds with "Yosaku"―one of the epitomes of "wa"―infused with a shower of drums.

Another masterful union can be heard in the "Moon Over the Ruined Castle and Hungarian Dance no.5" in which the Rentaro Taki composition and accompanying Japanese drums blend into the Brahms’s Hungarian Dance no.5. This unprecedented fusion of "wa" and "yo" is so avant-garde and yet so pleasant that one will have a hard time holding back the urge to dance. In this way, Yuko Toyoda's piano performances and her arrangements will easily blow away the walls of common sense to which many music fans tend to become attached.
You are sure to find music here that no one has yet experienced!







『音楽業界の動向とカラクリがよーくわかる本』著者:大川正義 第4版より抜粋