Advocate of the Natural Classics: Yuko Toyoda.
We all have the eagerness to listen to melodies so beautiful and infinitely clear.
Sounds have a mysterious power to blend in our minds and touch our hearts.
Leave your soul to this soft and pure flow of music, from this widely noticed artist.


ピアニスト 豊田 裕子

豊田 裕子





After graduating from Kunitachi College of Music, she made her debut in Konzerthaus, Vienna. She then started performing with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's principal player, and since then, she has been very active as a soloist locally and internationally.

Yuko’s performing style is inspired by nature, especially water. She has developed a new way of staging classical music, combining it with something similar to the elements of an entertainment show. Her passionate, deeply emotional and transcendental musical style fuses traditional Japanese instruments with western classical music, and her crystal clear sound and creative artistry have attracted great attention for opening up borders separating diverse musical styles as a spiritual classical pianist like never before.
She is also a composer of many original works and has extended this to include composing and performing movie theme music. Here too she has met success. “Pecoro’s Mother and Her Days” won first prize of the best Japanese movies in Japan’s most prestigious movie magazine KinemaJunpo In 2013. “Harmonium” won the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2016 Cannes Film festival.
She has also performed at numerous charity concerts by special invitation, including clean water for children in Africa; the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake; the Great East Japan Earthquake; the Princess Diana Memorial Concert; and the Sri Lankan Government charity concert, to mention just a few.
Yuko has also worked on Piano concertos with orchestras on the theme of "great music makes good medicine."
Currently, she is based in Vienna and Tokyo and active as a musical bridge between Japan and Europe, spreading the Natural Healing Classical Music from self-owned saloons.





<Support concert activities>

At the residence of the British Ambassador, she performed in the memorial concert in honour of Princess Diana. She also performed in a concert to support the victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, a concert to support clean water for children in Africa, a concert to support the victims of Great East Japan Earthquake, and a charity concert on the official invitation of the Government of Sri Lanka.

<Memorial Concert>

-Annual ceremonial concert -The 27th "Sakura Concert" to pray with gratitude for nature and cherry blossoms at "Her Music Salon in Izu," which could be referred to as an oasis of nature.
・ With the concept of “Great music makes good medicine ”, the piano concerto with Higashimatsuyama Phoenix Orchestra celebrated its 10th anniversary.
・ Yuko Toyoda's Christmas dinner show (at Grand Prince Takanawa Kihokan) celebrated its 10th anniversary.




<Her original work>

-Her self-produced compositions and arrangements inspired by natural elements such as water and wind, "Slow Bach" and her 3 CDs of ”Healing Classics series” have been a long hit as healing classic CDs.

Her CD album "Chopin de Crystal" with the concept of "Chopin reborn after 200 years", and her CD "Cristalire”, worked with traditional Japanese instruments on the theme of collaboration between eastern and western music, has gained a great reputation.




  • 2001年 秋スリランカ・コロンボ他
  • 2002年秋 ウィーン・コンチェルトハウス・シューベルトホール
    豊田 裕子リサイタル&レコーディング
  • 2004年夏 ザルツブルグモーツァルティウムオーケストラハウス
    豊田 裕子インプレサリオコンサート
  • 2005年夏 ウィーン・ベーゼンドルファーホール
    豊田 裕子ピアノコンサート「日・EU市民交流年」 外務省公式行事
    ゲスト:ウィーンフィルハーモニー管弦楽団 第二ヴァイオリン首席 ティボール・コヴァチ氏
  • 2015年秋 ウイーンモーツアルトハウスベーゼンドルファーホール
  • 2016年秋 オーストリア・ウイーン/ベーゼンドルファーシュタットサロンにて、
  • 2016年以降ウイーンで活動の輪を広げ、コンサート、録音活動を定期的に行なっている。







能楽師:大倉流囃子方大鼓 大倉正之助
雅楽アンサンブル:越後眞美(龍笛)、高桑賢司(篳篥)、石川 高(笙)




・2013年 キネマ旬報 日本映画ベスト・テン第1位を受賞した映画「ペコロスの母に会いに行く」テーマ曲を作曲演奏。
ドビュッシー「アラベスク」「ショパン エチュード10の4」「熊蜂の飛行」ブージ&ホークス版「ブルグミュラー」などピアニストを目指す主人公遥「橋本愛」のピアノを演奏。全国ロードショー2013年1月~1月
・「海を駆ける」ピアノ演奏。ディーン・フジオカ主演製作国 日本/フランス/インドネシア 2018年5月 配給日活=東京テアトル

○ Movie soundtracks

・Composed and played the theme piece of "Go to See Pekoro’s Mother" which won first place in the Japanese movie top ten at the 2013 Kinema junpo.
・ Participated in the Harmonium Organ performance in the Jury Award-winning movie "HARMONIUM" at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.☆ This film was shown at the Japanese Film Festival in Vienna and served as a stage greeting at the opening.
・ In 2013, the main theme of "Goodbye Debussy" / Composed music in this work, and performed “ Debussy’s "Arabesque" "Chopin Etude 10 4" "Bumblebee flight" Boogie & Hawks version " and more.
・ In 2013, the main theme of "Stormy Night": Piano performance.
・ Piano performance "Run to the sea". Starring Dean Fujioka / Japan / France / Indonesia, May 2018, Nikkei - Tokyo Theater
・ "Yokogao" piano performance. Japan-France collaboration movie released on July 26, 2019


・朝日開局50周及55周年日年記念/松本清張生誕100周年特別企画 「疑惑」メインテーマ:ピアノ独奏
・BSフジ2019年1月1日 18:00~、2020年1月1日 19:00~「富士山 The Great SKY」
Life & Relax「豊田裕子のヒーリング・クラシックス from Vienna 」の番組を担当。(Rakuten.FM で聴こう!Vol.1~3 迄)

○ TV & Radio (participation in performance)

・ 50th and 55th anniversaries of the opening of the Asahi Bureau / Special project for the 100th anniversary of Seicho Matsumoto's birth, "Suspect" main theme: piano
・ BS Fuji January 1, 2019 18:00 - January 1, 2020 19:00 - "Mt. Fuji The Great SKY"
・ Rakuten.FM
“Life & Relax” in charge of the program: "Yuko Toyoda's Healing Classics from Vienna". (Listen on Rakuten.FM! Vol.1 ~ 3)


☆携帯着うた:待ちうた豊田裕子(めぐる季節「魔女の宅急便」 上位ランキング11位を獲得
・モバイル版:銀河鉄道 999 より「銀河」
・DVD 松本零士原作原画 「銀河鉄道 999」

○ Mobile music

☆ Mobile phone song: Waiting song, Yuko Toyoda (Kiki's Delivery Service, Season 11)

・ Mobile version: "Galaxy" from Galaxy Express 999 (Original drawing by Reiji Matsumoto "Galaxy Express 999"). Composition and performance of the scene "Galaxy" in which the main character Tetsuro takes a galaxy train to fly into the night sky


・井上あずみ CD[ジブリ名作コレクションより]インストゥルメンツ楽曲「君を乗せて」
・映画『あらしのよるに 〜ひみつのともだち〜(シアターセレクション きずな編)』
・サウンドホライズンコンサート(NHK ホール)パイプオルガン演奏
・齊藤工監督作品 『Embellir』 デザイナー芦田多恵 ファッションドキュメンタリー
・2016年 第44回バトントワーリング全国大会龍谷大学バトンチームSPIRITS最優秀賞

○ Participating works

・ Azumi Inoue CD [From Ghibli Masterpiece Collection] Instrumental version of "Laputa Carrying you”
・ Movie "One Stormy Night - The Secret Friend - (Theater Selection Kizuna)" original soundtrack. Singer Ryuichi Kawamura performed a piano solo version of the theme song "the song of wind”
・ Sound Horizon Concert (at NHK Hall) Pipe organ performance
・ “Embellir” Fashion Designer, Tae Ashida’s Documentary, participated in Piano performance.
・ 2016: The 44th Baton Twirling National Convention, Ryukoku University Baton Team “SPIRITS” won the Grand Prize


♪ チャイコフスキー/ピアノ協奏曲 第一番
♪ グリーグ /ピアノ協奏曲 Op.16
♪ モーツァルト/ピアノ協奏曲 第20番
♪ モーツァルトピアノ協奏曲 第21番
♪ ラフマニノフ /ピアノ協奏曲 第2番より第1楽章
♪ ラフマニノフ /パガニーニの主題によるヴァリエーション
♪ ショパン/ピアノ協奏曲 第一番より第2楽章
♪ショパン/エチュード OP.10-12 革命「革命の鼓動」(CD ショパンドゥクリスタルversion)

○ Piano concerto repertoire

♪ Tchaikovsky / Piano Concerto No. 1
♪ Grieg / Piano Concerto Op.16
♪ Mozart / Piano Concerto No. 20
♪ Mozart / Piano Concerto No. 21
♪ Rachmaninoff / Piano Concerto No. 2 “1st movement”
♪ Rachmaninoff / Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
♪ Chopin / Piano Concerto No.1 “2nd movement”
♪ Chopin / Etude OP.10-12 Revolution "The Revolutionary Beat" (original version for CD Chopin de Crystal)





Message from Koji Fukada (Film director) - on Yuko Toyoda:

Yuko's fingers echo the historic organ. The sound wraps us up and jumps over 100 years of time. The distances between past and present and the distances between people, are eliminated in the magic of this musician. Movies of the last 100 years have always longed for it.

Koji Fukada (Film Director)